Howden goes the extra mile – for you!

Giving our clients a better value of service is something we pride ourselves on at Howden, so let’s take a look at a recent example.

Price rises feel unavoidable at the moment, and if you’ve renewed your car insurance recently, you may have had a price shock! As an insurance broker, we know how much the cost of cover has changed, and the effect it has on your wallet. Maybe it’s even impacted what car you drive, and how you drive it. That’s why we work as hard as we can to support you.

In a challenging market, with high costs for consumers, we want to change the thinking to consumers expecting a bit more for their money. Here at Howden, we want to shake things up and empower consumers to challenge their providers or their brokers that little bit more, after all, you’re paying more for it.

Giving our clients great service is something we pride ourselves on here at Howden. But, it’s easy to say that, and far harder to illustrate it. So here’s the proof in the pudding.

Helping you get home

Jaden Bates, an Insurance Consultant in our Hemel Hempstead branch recently helped a client get home after their holiday in Ireland ended with a hitch. Our client’s vehicle broke down and they were informed via their breakdown helpline that European cover wasn’t included in their policy. By this stage, they had missed the ferry ride back to the UK! So, they were essentially stranded, with their dog, no accommodation, and no food. A nightmare at the best of times, however our client, who has particular health issues, hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours due to the situation.

They put in a call to Jaden, who stayed on the phone with our client, while Branch Manager Gavin Cox phoned their insurer. Our client was able to get their vehicle repaired in Ireland, so that was one problem solved. But the more pressing issue was that the next ferry back to the UK wasn’t for another week.

So, they would have to return to their accommodation and pay an extra £300 to remain there, as well as pay out of their own pocket to rebook the ferry trip. To make matters worse, the remote location meant the only place nearby to eat was a hotel, where meals were, of course, more expensive. These costs quickly added up, and our client was understandably worried about having to fund it all, while also managing their regular monthly ‘life admin’ expenses.

To ease their journey home, Jaden was proactive. He organised accommodation for our client to stay in once they had crossed back into the UK, which the branch paid for directly. Jaden found the perfect spot in Holyhead, which allowed pets and late check-ins, and sent our client instructions for how to find it.

Then, Jaden was able to work on getting reimbursements for our client, for all the unplanned expenses. This included the accommodation, travel, and sustenance.

Jaden said: “Food expenses are not usually covered by insurers, but there were exceptional circumstances at play here. I pushed for our client to get a refund on everything extra they had to pay for during their delay, which was a huge relief for them.

“Naturally, this whole situation made our client stressed and anxious, but by staying on the phone consistently, I could reassure them and work through each issue as it arose. My priority was being there for them when they needed me, and using the great relationships we have with insurers to get our client the outcome they deserved.”

Why we do it

It sounds like it’s about us, but it’s all about you and making sure that you are treated with respect, and feel supported. That is something we at Howden pride ourselves on.

If you find yourself in an emergency, it can be hard to keep your cool. It’s very natural to be anxious, thinking about all the what-ifs and worst-cases. But waiting on hold on a helpline or robot chat function can be isolating, and only make you more stressed, especially if you get told ‘no’.

For us, we feel that every client is a ‘VIP’. Our insurance experts are ready to help you, reassure you, and have your back. No matter whether you have a quick query or a major issue that needs resolving, we’re there to help you. Just like Jaden in Hemel Hempstead was.

Need advice? Whether it’s to check your current policy or look for a new one, search for Howden Insurance, and give your local team a call or visit us in branch for a chat.

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