The most popular van of 2023 revealed

Gear up as we run down the best vans on the market!

Did you buy a new van last year? If so, you’re not alone – in fact far from it! A whopping 341,455 new ‘light commercial vehicles’ AKA vans were registered in 2023, an increase of 21% from the year before. More businesses invested in their fleet each month compared to 2022, with a record number of zero-emission vans joining the roads.

We know how important your van is to your trade – whichever model you choose not only has an upfront cost, but will affect your insurance premiums, petrol costs, and need ongoing maintenance. Beyond that, your van gets you from job to job, serves as a makeshift breakroom, and at times, is an office on wheels! The van you choose to support your business makes a big difference.

So, what was the overall consensus on 2023’s best vans?

And the winners are…

The best-selling van last year by a mile was the Ford Transit Custom, with 40,865 new registrations. This model is no stranger to the top vehicle sales charts, and classed as a medium size, it’s a great middle ground option from Ford. At the smaller end of the spectrum, the most popular compact van for 2023 was the Citroën Berlingo. This versatile panel van was delivered to 14,065 customers.

Electric vehicles continue to divide opinion, but a record number of battery electric vans were registered last year – 20,253. That figure is an increase of 21% on 2022’s stats, so even though they’re a bit like Marmite, team pro-electric van is making headway! Vauxhall dominated this market, selling more electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) than any other manufacturer last year.

Here’s the top 10 list of best-selling vans of 2023 in full:

  1. Ford Transit Custom – 40,865
  2. Ford Transit – 28,280
  3. Vauxhall Vivaro – 20,477
  4. Ford Ranger – 18,679
  5. Volkswagen Transporter – 17,487
  6. Renault Trafic – 17,487
  7. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 15,799
  8. Citroen Berlingo – 14,065
  9. Toyota Hilux – 10,888
  10. Ford Transit Connect – 10,856

In fact, the Ford Transit Custom has made even more headlines, being named the ‘International Van of the Year 2024’. Voted for by an expert panel of 25 commercial vehicle journalists, they praised the van’s best-in-class cabin, driving dynamics and impressive technology.

How much is the Ford Transit Custom to insure?

The latest stats show that van insurance has increased by 15.5% on average between 2022-23. That means the average business van driver now pays £1,129 for their annual premiums. Bear in mind that your van insurance can vary massively depending on your age, with average premiums at £691 for drivers over 50 to £3,153 to van drivers under 25.

Engine size, wheel placement and vehicle value are all things that can affect the price of your premium, so pay attention to the model if you’re thinking of buying a van. And a more expensive version of each model of van would increase your insurance cost. But, to give you a rough idea, these figures are based on the most popular version of each model.

How fuel-efficient is your van?

With petrol and diesel prices still high, finding a fuel-efficient van is more important than ever, to help reduce how much you pay at the pump. It’s an unavoidable cost, but if you can drive a vehicle that’s doing more miles per gallon, then you’re onto a winner. So, what are the vans with the best fuel economy? And is there any overlap between these and the most popular overall?

Parkers ranks the following top five small vans for fuel-economy:

1. Volkswagen Caddy C20 2.0TDI 75PS or 2.0TDI 102PS, 6-speed manual – 57.6mpg

=2. Citroen Berlingo 1.5 100PS – 55.7mpg

=2. Peugeot Partner 1.5 100PS – 55.7mpg

4. Ford Transit Connect L1 1.5 75PS and 100PS, six-speed manual – 55.4mpg

5. Mercedes-Benz Citan 110 L1 six-speed manual – 54.3mpg

If you want to work out your van’s fuel economy, try the calculator here. For more tips about driving in a fuel-efficient way, check out our blog.

Value for money van insurance

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