Top-rated service stations

What really matters to you when picking a service station?

Imagine this, you’re on your way to a staycation down in Cornwall, but you need to make a stop at a service station. What’s your main priority? The range of shops on offer? The quality of food? The convenience? The price, or the cleanliness?

Whether your deciding factor is Nando’s or no Nando’s, fancy farm shops and cafes or how the close the toilets are to the main entrance, we are going to run through Britain’s best and worst service stations.

Westmorland comes out on top!

If you happen to be travelling on the M5 and would like to visit the ultimate service station then stop at  Gloucester , which scores full marks across all categories and has an 86% customer score. This service station even has its very own farm shop, alongside looking incredibly aesthetic. So, it doesn’t matter if your main priority is the range of shops, the quality of the products, price, cleanliness or convenience, Gloucester service station gets top marks all round!

The remainder of the top three service stations to visit, like Gloucester, are part of the Westmorland Family. Tebay (M6) and Cairn Lodge (M74) come in second and third, with a customer score of 83% and 69% respectively. Like Gloucester service stations, Tebay scores maximum marks for the range and quality of shops, prices and cleanliness but scores four stars out of five for convenience (which is still pretty good, if we do say ourselves!)

Best of the rest!

This is one for the picky eaters! If variety is your number one priority, then Beaconsfield is the service station for you. Choose from a Wetherspoons, Nando’s, McDonalds, Pizza Express, Starbucks, Greggs, KFC, Indian, Mexican, and noodles – and that’s to name just a few! You can find this service station on the M40, and it’s also rated the highest of the Extra services.

(Source: Buckinghamshire Live)

Best service stations depending on your journey

If you’re travelling on the M1, Donington Services is the best to stop at. It boasts a customer score of 60%, with a wide variety of shops available, including Burger King, M&S Food, Costa and many more. This is also a good service station to stop at if you’re bringing your four-legged friends on your journey, as there is plenty of outdoor space which comes with some lovely views and dog-exercising facilities. However, be prepared to splash the cash at Donington Services as it is on the pricey side.

Like Donington Services, Cobham Services on the M25, also has lovely views thanks to its lakeside terrace, and earns four out of five stars for the range of shops including McDonald’s, Nando’s and Starbucks alongside many others. Cobham also offers drivers plenty of choices  for refuelling, so you’ll never be waiting for long to fill up your tank.

Find yourself on the M4? Then Leigh Delamere Services is your best choice. It hasn’t  got the best range of shops, however it ranks highly on the convenience and accessibility scale, scoring four out of five stars. It  also offers free Wi-Fi, showers and accommodation if you ever decide to stop for the night. And if you ever feel like you need a coffee but don’t have time to park up, they are planning a bring a Costa Drive-Thru to the services. Watch this space!

Lower rated services

Bridgwater Services, which is located on the M5, can be difficult to access, and is known for having a cramped car park. Visitors described it as ‘dirty’ and ‘depressing’, and some even suggested to demolish it.

It also has a confusing layout inside the station, and with only a 32% customer score we recommend driving the extra 12 miles to either Sedgemoor or Taunton Dean services, which have a 52% and 57% customer score respectively.

The verdict…

Depending on what you want from your service station, if it’s the quality and variety of shops available or the scenery and the dog walks then we recommend driving those extra miles to make the most of your stop, however if you only need to stop to use a toilet we still recommend avoiding Bridgewater service station.

Much like motorway services, you’ll find our friendly branches up and down the country. And they’re all supported by our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot reviews. Find your local branch here, simply stop by or give them a call. We’re always happy to help.

Source: Which?