We’ve had a lightbulb moment.

Is the cost of living ‘lumen’ over you? A-Plan’s bright idea to save almost £400,000 on energy bills this year.

A-Plan's Lightbulb Scheme

Winter is nearly over, and we can’t tell you how happy that makes us feel!

But, even with a little sunshine to brighten our days, it doesn’t mean the energy crisis is set to ease up any time soon. While the longer days lower our energy consumption, the problem remains and the future of energy prices and the cost-of-living is as yet unknown. So how do we continue to save money this year?

With the Energy Bills Support scheme ending in March, focus is back on how to balance the household ‘books’ to compensate for the price increases in energy, petrol and diesel, mortgage rates, food prices and so on.

When it comes to energy usage, the sensible approach is to make several small changes throughout the warmer months to build up enough energy credit for the winter months. It is truly incredible how such small changes can have a big impact on the bottom line. But with all the hints and tips out there, which ones actually work?

We have devised a simple campaign that illustrates how even the smallest of changes can save a fortune – whether it’s energy usage, better driving, supermarkets or mobile phone contracts.

What is A-Plan’s lightbulb campaign all about?

A-Plan is giving away 10,000 Status energy saving bayonet lightbulbs – and a free handy cost-of-living booklet – filled with handy tips and ideas to help manage the cost of living this year. 

Clients that visit their local A-Plan branch will be able to pick up their pack of light bulbs and booklet – free of charge. Find your local branch. 

While we realise that the current energy landscape warrants more than a simple lightbulb switch, we wanted to ‘highlight’ how changing something as simple as a lightbulb could make a difference.

Based on everyday use, each recipient of two energy rated A+ Status 9W LED (equivalent to a 60W) bayonet bulbs can benefit by over £100 a year in energy savings.

We are fortunate to be joined by our ‘bulb partners’ Arc Legal, LV Broker, AXA, ARAG, KGM and Prestige Underwriting who have been integral to our campaign!

A-Plan’s Claire Gardner came up with the scheme to help clients save now to build up credit for later: “We know that so many of our clients are concerned about the cost of energy bills and we want to show our clients that we are sensitive to that right now. While the £400 Government Energy Grant goes some way to help people until the end of March, we don’t yet know what’s coming.

“We wanted to do something to help, so have joined forces with some of our insurance partners and one hundred of A-Plan’s high street branches across the UK to give away 10,000 Status 9W LED bayonet lightbulbs – saving a combined £387,192* in energy usage in total.

“It’s incredible to think that, just based on switching one standard light bulb for an energy saving lightbulb, someone leaving it on for eight hours a day, every day of the year, with a 34p per kWh tariff would spend £8.93 a year, versus a standard lightbulb which sets users back £59.56 a year. That’s over £50 savings** per bulb! And, as we’re giving a pack of two away per person, the savings could even be doubled.”

“We are encouraging all our clients to consider how making small changes can return big results – and start to save energy from the moment the bulbs are used.”

Collect your free bulb and booklet.

Have you ever wondered how much money Brits waste on boiling overfilled kettles? Or how much it costs to leave the heating on overnight? Perhaps you use TV streaming channels and could make some savings via an audit? Or maybe you’re not sure where to start with the best mortgage offers available? It could also be that you’ve heard about smart meter saving money but aren’t sure what it’s all about?

We reviewed all the best information and compiled it into one handy sized book that may offer a few pointers you hadn’t considered before. And they are available free of charge from 100 A-Plan branches now.

We expect this to be a popular scheme, so would recommend popping down to your local A-Plan branch as soon as you can, while booklet and bulb stocks last.

Find your local branch here if you would prefer to call them first.

As A-Plan have branches across the country, we have a unique opportunity to reach our clients locally by collecting these in branch, meaning we save on postage costs and were able to buy more bulbs. Unfortunately, we won’t be posting these as it will be on a first come first serve basis on who collects them in branch.

You can also read more of our energy and cost-saving tips via our guides below.

Source:  Status LED bulb statistics provided by manufacturer:

Based on a total of 10,000 lightbulbs*:

  • Incandescent GLS 60W x 10,000 bulbs x 2190 x 34p per kWh = £446,760
  • LED SMD GLS 8W=60W x 10,000 bulbs x 2190 x 34p per kWh =    £59,568
  • Saving a combined total of £387,192

Based on individual household use per bulb**:

  • Based on 8 hours on per day every day of the year with a 34p per kWh tariff:  LED – £8.93 vs Standard Bulb – £59.56