Why staycations are back in style

The benefits of holidaying near home!

The summer season is a time we all look forward to! And if you’re searching for summer holiday inspiration, have you considered heading somewhere closer to home?

In the wake of higher prices and travel chaos, staycations are once again growing in popularity. And while the word means different things to different people – whether becoming a hometown tourist, or simply choosing not to go abroad – all options are good ones this summer. Let’s unpack all the benefits of choosing a staycation this summer.

Cost savings

Staycations are typically more affordable than traditional vacations. While it’s true that post-pandemic and in the wake of high inflation, UK holiday lets have increased in price, the all-round logistics of jetting off can add up.

Take for example, a trip from London to Seville in the peak summer season. Return flight prices per adult start at around £250. Then add on your baggage each way, travel to and from the airport, either via public transport, or driving – in which case you need to pay for airport parking – and suddenly you could be looking at closer to £500.

On a UK staycation, without the need for expensive flights, stowing luggage, car rentals, or international accommodation, you can enjoy high-quality leisure time and experiences at a fraction of the cost. And saving money means you could even take more holidays, enjoying mini-breaks and weekends away!

Less travel stress

While jetting off abroad is exciting, there’s also the challenges of travel to contend with. Getting everyone’s passports updated, sorting visas, navigating airports, dealing with jet lag, and managing time zone differences. You only need to look back to the recent powercut at Manchester Airport for a prime example! These stresses are all eliminated with staycations.

You can keep driving your own car, familiar with the laws (and side!) of the road, and won’t have to deal with any post-Brexit travel regulations. As a holidaymaker you can enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free experience, spending more time enjoying activities and less time on the hassles of travel.

Better for the planet

Many people are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Air travel contributes significantly to carbon emissions, and by choosing to stay closer to home, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

And with more extreme weather events striking in recent years, sometimes staying closer to home is a better option! Read: Is travel insurance changing to match our climate?

Discovering local gems

Staycations offer the opportunity to explore one’s own backyard. We often overlook the attractions and activities available in our regions. But through a staycation, you can (re)discover local museums, parks, historical sites, and unique cultural experiences, to support your local economy.

Britain’s high streets are full of diverse businesses, from craft shops and boutiques to independent cafés and restaurants. By opting for a staycation, you can invest in your local community rather than spending on flights!

Flexibility and convenience

Staycations provide flexibility that traditional vacations often do not, which with our busy lives can be a welcome relief. Without the need to adhere to flight schedules or extensive travel plans, you can tailor your vacations to your specific preferences and timeframes.

So if you have young children, a large family, or a demanding schedule, added flexibility can be especially useful.  It also means you can bring your four-legged friends on holiday too!

The future of staycations

As staycations continue to grow in popularity, the positive impact on local economies is expected to expand. Communities that recognise and capitalise on this trend can reap substantial benefits, creating vibrant, economically stable environments.

By investing in local attractions, improving infrastructure, and promoting the unique aspects of their regions, local governments and businesses can attract more residents to spend leisure time and money close to home.

Here when you need us, however you need us

Of course, holidaying abroad also has its benefits; exploring new cultures, cuisines and taking in the sights. So however you choose to spend your summer, you can relax knowing that our Howden insurance experts can help you get the right cover.

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