Trade – read this if you use WhatsApp for business!

No app is 100% secure – in fact, messaging apps could pose a risk to you, your clients, and your business reputation. Here’s how to lock down WhatsApp!

WhatsApp for Trade - A-Plan Insurance

When it comes to communicating with clients and suppliers, it’s very common for smaller businesses and sole traders to use social media to advertise and communicate, with WhatsApp being one of the most popular methods for communication.

It’s a great tool for this purpose and, according to Statista, around 2.3 billion unique users currently feel the same way.

If you think about it, that’s a lot of people, a lot of businesses, and a lot of information ripe for the picking when you know how! The trade, in particular, is a relatively new target for scammers as they know they are unlikely to have locked down their apps or created secure passwords.

Francis West, CEO of Security Everywhere understands the risks to the trade in particular:

Is WhatsApp safe to use for business?

Here’s the truth: no app is 100% secure!

If you run your business communications via WhatsApp you could be exposing your customers movements, and unknowingly sharing their address and availability with scammers. This could mean that they could stalk them virtually, or physically in the real world, so it’s important to lock down and protect your customers and your business reputation. passwords.

Here’s one question: have you secured your WhatsApp app? Most asked don’t know you can, others don’t see the point, few have secured it.

Let’s start with this: grab your mobile now and protect your data with just a few taps:

Update your WhatsApp password

Francis advises all to dump the easy passwords! Hacking the password ‘passw0rd’ is something a scammer can do before they’ve had their morning coffee!

Choose a new password using the guide below and test it here. It can make all the difference in your WhatsApp being hacked instantly or in two hundred billion years.

Security Everywhere Password Chart - A-Plan Insurance

If you have 2 minutes to spare, you can find out how secure you currently are using this FREE QUIZ to help shed some light on areas you need to focus on.

A-Plan is here to support small businesses and sole-traders – so if your circumstances change or you have any questions about business insurance, just pick up the phone or pop into your local business branch.